Meet Tracy

Tracy Lovvorn is a Republican candidate for the 2018 Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District. She is a woman, a wife, and a mother. She is a healthcare provider, an operational manager, a small business owner, and most importantly, she is an American just like you. She is a strong advocate for fairness and has the extreme ability to find good in the most troubled of situations.

Tracy believes in a fiscally responsible government, lower taxation, and a decrease in excess regulations that stifles growth and production. She believes in smaller government and increased focus on state and individual rights with commensurate increase in accountability. She believes in the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms it bestows and she believes in empowerment. She believes in ‘a help up’ vs ‘a hand out’ and believes that everyone deserves respect and the assumption of good, until proven otherwise.

Tracy’s priorities include working to implement Congressional Term Limits, Reforming Healthcare (including taking immediate action to fight the Opiod Crisis, support of Mental Health, and Social Security / Medicare Preservation), College Affordability / Workforce Development, and Investment in Local Infrastructure.

Tracy has been a practicing licensed physical therapist since 1997. She has held multiple regional as well as corporate level healthcare operational management as well as regulatory / compliance positions across the United States. In 2009 Tracy worked with her attorneys on behalf of the federal government to successfully uncover suspected Medicare fraud and patient abuse. In 2014 Tracy’s actions helped result in a 38 million dollar settlement on behalf of the U.S. tax payers and the protection of many of our most frail and vulnerable citizens.

Tracy currently is the CEO/Founder of Evolution Physical Therapy, a private practice outpatient physical therapy clinic in Grafton, MA. Tracy has always been a strong supporter of her community. She and her husband have coached their sons through t-ball, soccer, baseball, and basketball. Tracy spent many years as basketball commissioner, scout leader, sunday school teacher, and coach. Most recently Tracy served as an appointed member of the Town of Grafton’s Planning Board, and just completed classes necessary to become an IAABO (International Assocation of Approved Basketball Officials), MA Board 26 official.

Tracy is married to her husband David of 24 yrs. He is a graduate from Cal Poly University and currently works as a business systems analyst for Wyman Gordon in Grafton, MA. They have two sons, both graduates of Grafton High School. Zachary, who is a computer science major at UMASS Amherst and Alexander who recently enrolled in US Army ROTC and is playing baseball for Johnson and Wales University in Providence.

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