Lovvorn Statement on Growing Resistance to Shutdown
POSTED: 5/4/20

Tracy Lovvorn's statement on Growing Resistance to Shutdown and Calls to Re-Open U.S and MA following the demonstrations at the Massachusetts State Capital

Lovvorn Campaign Events and Signature Drives on Hold for Safety Concerns
POSTED: 3/14/20

Lovvorn Campaign Events and Signature Drives on Hold for Safety Concerns. Tracy Lovvorn, Republican Candidate for Congress, Has Cancelled Upcoming Public Campaign and Signature Drive Events for the Next Two Weeks in Support of Public Safety Concerns.

Gearing up for Round Two!
POSTED: 2/4/20

Tracy Lovvorn, a Grafton MA republican, is once again challenging 24-year incumbent Jim McGovern, a self-described progressive liberal democrat from Worcester, and current chair of the House Rules Committee.

Lovvorn vs. McGovern Debate 10/15/18 'Due Process'
POSTED: 10/20/18

Using an example in support of universal background checks for the potential promotion of gun safety, Tracy speaks to discovering root causes and working toward actual solutions. Jim McGovern’s lack of respect for OUR rights as protected by the U.S. Constitution is on full display.

Tracy Lovvorn’s Statement Regarding Allegation’s Against Her Son
POSTED: 10/10/18

My youngest son, Alexander was accused of allegedly taking a puppy from a shelter yesterday afternoon. To be clear, he was responsible for bringing the puppy to the shelter on his own accord, he loves pets, and would never intentionally hurt an animal.

Tracy Lovvorn Clarifies Relationship with DC Legal Firm, Katz, Marshall, and Banks
POSTED: 9/20/18

Tracy Lovvorn, Candidate U.S. Representative for MA Congressional District 2, Clarifies Relationship with Debra Katz and DC Legal Firm, Katz, Marshall, and Banks. Legal firm at center of senate confirmation hearing controversy represented candidate in 2009.

Tracy speaks with Hank Stolz, Talk of the Commonwealth
POSTED: 9/14/18

Great opportunity to speak with Hank Stolz this a.m., host of Talk of the Commonwealth @CommonTalkPod . Love to share how OUR campaign is moving forward!

Tracy Lovvorn wins GOP primary
POSTED: 9/5/18

As featured in the Grafton News. Grafton’s Lovvorn wins GOP primary, will challenge McGovern in November.

Lovvorn to challenge McGovern in 2nd Congressional District
POSTED: 9/5/18

As featured in the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Republican Tracy Lovvorn of Grafton won the right to challenge the incumbent of 21 years for the 2nd Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in the November general election.

Tracy Lovvorn wins Republican primary in Massachusetts
POSTED: 9/5/18

Tracy Lovvorn wins Republican primary in Massachusetts for chance to face Democratic US Rep. Jim McGovern in November.

Tracy Lovvorn scores 100 percent and Jim McGovern failed
POSTED: 8/30/18

No surprise! Based on the GOAL questionnaire, Tracy Lovvorn scored 100% and Jim McGovern failed! It's plain to see who will stand for your rights. Primaries are Tuesday, the day after Labor Day. Vote Tracy!

Tracy Lovvorn featured in Exhale Lifestyle Magazine
POSTED: 8/29/18

Local Business Owner Tracy Lovvorn Hopes to Challenge Incumbent in Mass. 2nd Congressional District

Tracy Lovvorn @ Hubbardston 1st Annual Dinghy Dash!
POSTED: 8/25/18

Hubbardston 1st Annual Dinghy Dash! 100% cardboard and Duck/Duct Tape Boat Regatta. We can only hope and pray for a '2nd annual event' next year!! Hubbardston= Community Done Right!! Thank You Will Honig... Pizza Challenge Accepted!! #LovvMA-2 #TermLimits

Tracy Lovvorn attends Holden Days
POSTED: 8/25/18

The Wachusett Area Chamber of Commerce presented its annual Holden Days celebration today.

Tracy Talks on The Morning Blaze
POSTED: 7/30/18

The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson. Meet Congressional Candidate out of MA - Dist. 2 (w/Tracy Lovvorn)

Election Series: Female Candidates for Congress in Massachusetts
POSTED: 7/19/18

Saying "I don't mind being 'Odd- Man-Out'", Tracy Lovvorn is listed as the only female Republican running for a Massachusetts congressional nomination this primary election season.

Tracy Lovvorn interviewed by Stonebridge Press
POSTED: 7/9/18

Auburn News, Friday, June 22, 2018, Article titled: "McGovern challenger opposes child separation" - By Greg Vine Stonebridge Correspondent. At least one of the Republicans running to unseat the Democrats currently in Congress says she doesn’t support the Trump administration’s policy of separating undocumented immigrant children from their parents...

Tracy Lovvorn Interviewed on About the Valley
POSTED: 6/28/18

Tracy talks politics and about her campaign with Harry Berkowitz on About the Valley. About the Valley is a show that airs on Northbridge Community Television (NCTV) is channel 191 on the cable TV service in Northbridge MA

Tracy Lovvorn Interviewed by Gary Rosenberg on The Freedom Network
POSTED: 6/20/18

Tonight 6/20/2018 at 7pm(est) on The Freedom Network we will talk to candidate Tracy Lovvorn and find out why she wants to represent you !!

Tracy Lovvorn Interviewed on The Meat And Potatoes Show
POSTED: 6/12/18

The M&P Conservative Media Network welcomes Congressional Candidate Tracy Lovvorn

Republican Tracy Lovvorn Officially Makes Ballot
POSTED: 5/19/18

Tracy Lovvorn, seeking the Republican nomination for MA 2nd Congressional District, the seat currently held by 22-year incumbent Jim McGovern, officially makes ballot. On Friday, May 18th, Tracy and her campaign received receipt from the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s Elections office, formally placing her on ballot for the upcoming elections.

Tracy Lovvorn talks about her bid for Congress
POSTED: 5/10/18

Tracy Lovvorn is a Republican candidate for the 2018 Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District. She is running against incumbent Democrat Jim McGovern.

Tracy Lovvorn's MA-2 Congressional Campaign Launch
POSTED: 4/30/18

Grafton, MA---Tracy Lovvorn's MA-2 Congressional Campaign Launch to Coincide with National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day, May 10th 2018. Tracy Lovvorn, seeking the Republican nomination for MA 2nd Congressional District, the seat currently held by 22 year incumbent Jim McGovern, formally announces her candidacy.

Tracy Lovvorn talks Ron Motta on Activate Worcester
POSTED: 4/19/18

Activate Worcester, hosted by Ron Motta shows viewers how to participate and become active in Worcester. Ron's guest is Tracy Lovvorn, a candidate for US Congress.

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