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Tracy Lovvorn Clarifies Relationship with DC Legal Firm, Katz, Marshall, and Banks

Tracy Lovvorn, Candidate U.S. Representative for MA Congressional District 2, Clarifies Relationship with Debra Katz and DC Legal Firm, Katz, Marshall, and Banks.

Legal firm at center of senate confirmation hearing controversy represented candidate in 2009.

Grafton, MA--- Tracy Lovvorn, the Republican candidate for the Massachusetts 2nd Congressional District currently held by 22 year incumbent Jim McGovern, found herself at the center of controversy regarding any relationship she has with Attorney Debra Katz. Katz is representing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of SCOTUS nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Atty Katz is a founding partner at the DC law offices of KMB Legal. In 2009, the law firm represented Ms. Lovvorn in a wrongful termination suit that resulted in tens of millions of dollars being returned to the Medicare Trust Fund and significant changes improving patient protections for senior citizens. Lovvorn states that she was represented by founding partner, attorney David Marshall, and that she had an extremely professional relationship with the firm. Tracy states that she has not received any campaign contributions or financial assistance from the law firm and that she never directly worked with Ms. Katz.

According to court documents, while working as a Regional Director of Operations for a large nationwide corporation based in Canada specializing in Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Lovvorn had identified that her company was committing large scale Medicare billing fraud and was taking advantage of frail and elderly patients who had entrusted them with their care. Tracy is a physical therapist that has decades worth of healthcare clinical and operational management experience with extensive Medicare rules and regulatory compliance governance and understanding. Upon identifying the concern to her superiors, the company launched a retaliation campaign against her and she was, according to court documents, a victim of a ‘constructive discharge’. This was an illegal termination, as Tracy’s actions to fix the identified fraud is a protected action under the False Claims Act (FCA). The FCA specifically protects employees from being fired from a company due to the employee actively working to stop fraud, waste, and abuse.

Tracy hired KMB Legal to represent her interests given this wrongful termination. Tracy then worked with the Office of Inspector General and Department of Health and Human Services in DC, as well as the Assistant US Attorney General’s Office in Philadelphia on the case.. Reflecting on her experience Tracy stated, “I know that my case set precedent for the government and other law firms which has ultimately saved the US Taxpayer, the Federal Government and several states $100’s of Millions which were returned to the Medicare Trust Fund and various state Medicaid funds.

Because of our efforts, the billing of rehab services in skilled nursing centers has been modified to better protect and support our most frail and elderly patients. It cost me a career, but it was the right thing to do. I’ll always stand up for what’s right, and it’s good to know that there are people out there that will support you in those efforts.”

Lawyer David J. Marshall, a partner with Katz, Marshall and Banks, LLP, who represented Lovvorn in the litigation released A statement on Oct.10, 2014 in which he states: “Tracy Lovvorn stood up and opposed practices that harmed patients and cheated taxpayers, and it cost her her job. But Tracy fought back and helped the government achieve a settlement that recoups taxpayer dollars, vindicates her, and, most importantly, protects vulnerable patients from abusive practices.”

When questioned about her relationship with KMB Legal, Tracy touts the skills of attorney David Marshall and her experience regarding the professionalism of the firm. Tracy is quick to mention that she is extremely proud of the work that she and her attorneys performed. In a statement she says “I do not know the details regarding anything to do with the current happenings of Dr. Ford and Attorney Debra Katz.”

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