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Lovvorn Campaign Events and Signature Drives on Hold for Safety Concerns

Tracy Lovvorn, Republican Candidate for Congress, Has Cancelled Upcoming Public Campaign and Signature Drive Events for the Next Two Weeks in Support of Public Safety Concerns.

GRAFTON, MA --- Tracy Lovvorn, MA-District -2 Republican Congressional Candidate released the following statement in response to our National and local State of Emergency in support of the Corona Virus response.

"I made the decision to cancel our Campaign Sponsored signature events scheduled for this morning at locations throughout the district (Leominster Worcester, & West Boylston). Future events will be on hold as well for the next 2 weeks as we continue to monitor our current community health situation."

"I very much appreciate and value every volunteer that scheduled time to be out with and helping us, and I cannot in good conscience subject any one of them, or any resident of the District to increased duress at this time."

"I have spoken with the MA Secretary of State's Office and so far, due to the enacted State of Emergency, they have not changed their guidelines in how many signatures will be required to qualify to be on the ballot, or the due date for when the verified signatures will need to be turned in."

"We will continue to encourage the Secretary of State's Office to reconsider this guidance in consideration of current events, however we are working on a 'Plan B' in attaining the required signatures, one that better supports the current needs of the community. As followers and supporters of our campaign, we will be looking to each of you for your help as well. It is definitely going to take a group effort."

The campaign requests that If you are able to volunteer to help make phone calls and/or drive to drop off/pick up individual signature sheets in your area or if have additional ideas that could help support their signature drive efforts under these circumstance, they encourage you to email them to:

As reminder, 'qualified signatures' need to be from registered voters that live in the District, and can be registered as either Unenrolled / Independent Voters or Republican.

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