Healthcare Reform

I favor a system that will force insurance companies to compete for their customers with lower costs and higher-quality service. I believe that the federal government should incentivize each state to develop and implement individualized plans that fit their individual needs. I believe in a healthcare system that allows people to choose their doctors, does not block pre-existing conditions for people that were previously insured, and allows small businesses and voluntary associations to join together to get the same insurance discounts as large corporations. We need to expand the use of health savings accounts, allow for insurance purchases across state lines, and give individuals tax deductions or credits so they can buy insurance that fits their needs rather than the federal government dictating their coverage. We also need to help ensure that providers receive equal pay for equal work and that we are not promoting a system that exploits the promotion of gaming systems for financial gain.

We need to regulate big pharma and help ensure that U.S. drug costs are not working to subsidize drug costs across other nations, and we need to help ensure that health plans support mental health coverage to the same extent as physical health.

I believe that wherever opportunity exists, we should work to support potential privatized free market solutions. I look with excitement to the current efforts of entrepreneurial proven leaders Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, and Jamie Dimon as they work to uncover ways of doing things better, more efficient, and more effectively. This is extremely exciting, and places new potential to what’s possible on the horizon for U.S. healthcare.

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By Brad Tuttle
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