Social Security / Medicare Preservation

I believe that we need to continue to work and protect Social Security and Medicare and ensure that our government keeps the promises that it has made to current retirees and those planning to retire. Unfortunately, Social Security has become another casualty of our broken system, affecting those Americans who need it most. In order to ensure the continued solvency and health of these entitlements, much work needs to be done.

Social Security was signed into law in 1935 during the Great Depression, and Medicare was enacted under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act under Lyndon Johnson in 1965. From the time the laws were originally enacted to present day, the needs of the markets have changed dramatically. Life expectancy alone has increased over 15 yrs and medical technologies and treatments have evolved to encompass exponential cost. This means that for my generation and future generations of workers, past promises as currently written may not be feasible. While I plan to uphold the government’s promises to current retirees and those planning to retire, I also recognize that an update to our system is strongly needed in order to protect all generations of American workers.

If elected, I have every intention of going to Washington D.C. and working within Congress to ensure that Social Security and Medicare entitlements continue to be safeguarded.

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