Why I'm Running

A Better Choice, A Better Solution

I am running for Congress because I want to bring a new energy to Washington. A positive energy focused on unification and solutions. I am tired of being lied to by career politicians. I am done with allowing them to advance their personal agendas and careers, instead of working for us in support of our needs. I am exhausted from the dead-end political extremism in Washington DC that works to incite and divide us. It is past time to put an end to the nonsense of 20, 30, 40-year career politicians who have gotten rich at our expense and every 8 years they simply blame a new POTUS for their personal inabilities. I’m running for Congress to bring accountability and function back to this broken branch of our government.

So much work needs to be done. We need to ensure that we maintain and preserve our constitutional republic. We need to be focused on healthcare and immigration reform, growth in well-paying jobs and infrastructure. We should be focusing on the care of our seniors, our military, our veterans, and the safety of our children. We have mental health and opioid crises’ to overcome, and college costs and congressional terms that we need to limit. With so much happening in the world around us, now more than ever is not the time to resist. Now is the time to persist and fight for what is right. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves, work together, and get things done so that future generations can continue to thrive.

Central Massachusetts leads the state in common sense political views. We can proudly have open dialogue with our neighbors and even though we may not all agree on every item, we respect each other, we learn from each other, and after civil conversations we can ultimately agree and support ideals that impact our common needs. I promise to take this civility, and represent you, the way we ALL deserve.

I know that as a district, state and country, we are and will always be 'Better and Stronger Together.' Moving forward we can be 'Better and Stronger Than Ever!'

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